Our Survival Kit ( What is Literacy-Part Two)


To me literacy is like a survival bag. To be more precise, the kind of survival kit that ER doctors use to save lives or the kind of backpack that Rick Grimes (the protagonist of the TV series The Walking Dead) would have loved to find during his escape from the CDC. Literacy may be compared to a survival kit filled with knowledge, which is provided by the society in which we live to help us making sense of the world. By teaching us how to read and write, literacy gives us the gift of knowledge. Using our initial knowledge of writing and reading, we explore the world and connect our skills  with cultural, physical, and emotional discoveries. Reading and writing connect us to other types of literacies such as counting, the ability to use a computer, the ability to empathize, and the ability to understand and solve problems. Literacy sets the bases for our cultural, physical, and emotional background. Just as Rick cannot survive the journey without a loaded backpack so too we cannot survive the journey of life without a rich bag of knowledge.


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