Who is Holding the Truth?

“A human being is the measure of all things.”-Protagoras

people  rulerapple

According to Protagoras, the human being is the source and value of all things. Consequently, he claims that human beings see things subjectively. For Protagoras, only the truth fabricated by our mind exists. Therefore, the truth is never absolute, and always relative.

Take, as an example, two people looking at the same apple. For one person, the apple is green with tiny brown spots. For the other person, the apple is brown with a large green spot.

Who is holding the truth?

Is the  truth absolute or relative?

Each one of us sees things from a subjective point of view. We decide the color, flavor, shape, and the name to give to the “apple.” However, the apple is there–as something universal and indefinite– even before we recognize it as a green and brown apple. When, each one of us gives the apple an identity, the apple ceases to be universal. The apple ceases to exist as absolute truth immediately after the human mind analyzes it. In this case, absolute truths exist, but only outside the human mind.


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