The Muffin Tin

This morning, while baking muffins for my children, I stared at the muffin tin and   I realized that everything we learn– from making muffins to writing a literacy article— always leads to the same objective of achieving our full potential.  However, most of the time, we fail to bake the perfect muffin or to write the perfect article.

We stare at our burned muffin or at our messy first draft, feeling less than perfect. We feel inadequate; we feel less than perfect. If we follow a recipe by its rules and write a grammatically correct paper why can’t we have perfection? Why can’t we have the perfect muffin and the perfect paper?

Why do we think that “full potential” equals to “perfection?”

Just as a muffin, tin has twelve different muffins made by the same baker, so too we are molded differently by the same experience.

There is no such thing as perfection. Only by learning every day to enjoy the journey and not the destination could we achieve our full potential.



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