The Daily Writer

At the beginning of each new year, we make a promise to reduce stress, to lose weight , to exercise more, to make more money, to earn our diploma, to love and respect other people more. We make a promise to be more creative, to paint more, to read more, and to write more. We start each new year making a promise that we are afraid to fulfill. We desire to paint, but we do not paint. We desire to be more creative but we do not create. For example,  I desire to write but I do not write. I find endless excuses,

it is too difficult to write in another language…

…I don’t have anything to write…

…I don’t have time…

…I  don’t have…

…I do not…

…I DO.

I do have the time to write ,

I do have the desire to write,

I do have the courage to write in another language!

This year I make the promise to write every day for a whole year with the support of the Daily Writer by Fred White.

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